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Salary Cash Advances

Very small ticket loans to tide over your monthly fluctuations.

Personal Loans

Simple personal EMI based loans for short durations.​ Transparent terms and simple process

Regain Loans

You can repay faster than scheduled EMI schedules and save interest. You still have access to extra money paid and have your liquidity intact.

Small Business Loans

Small business loans given to business persons based on their business situation, performance and personal financial standing.

Bullet Loans

Small duration loans where you don't need to pay EMI till the end of loan tenure, but pay back the loan - principal and interest - at one shot.​

Family Loans

We give family loans based on family household income and situation - thus facilitating loans that are made possible by combining individuals in a household.

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Our company employee loan solutions and financial wellness programs bring cheer to teams. Less financial stress leads to more productivity.

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